In our portfolio, you will find both mobile and web applications as well as whole operating systems based on Android OS. We focus mainly on intuitivity and logic; and as a result, we create applications that are easy to use. Below, are just some of the products we have created.



Vasco Translator is an application that provides best-in-class translations. It supports the recognition and translation of spoken text of over 40 languages, as well as clear pronunciation of whole sentences by a voice system. The application allows for effective communication with over 90% of the world's population, enabling quick and precise translation of even the most complex sentences and phrases. It also efficiently recognises and translates idioms, specialist terms (business, medicine, technology), and adjusts the translation to the context of a sentence.


Kraków City Guide is an innovative application created for tourists that are visiting Poland’s former capital. The application is an expanded database of tourist information about Kraków and the surrounding areas, divided into several intuitive categories:

  • TOP 10 must see places
  • TOP 10 museums
  • TOP 10 churches
  • TOP 10 outdoor activities
  • TOP 10 places nearby
  • Kraków at night
  • health and beauty


Translation Center functions as a medium for the localisation of applications. Translators choose an assigned project/application and proceed to work with texts. All translations are verified and added to the application. The application has been developed in such a way that translators only need to log in to start working.


Concierge is a complex system of management of content on Vasco City Guide devices. It is the backbone of the project and of the device with the same name. Concierge is responsible for the content distributed in Vasco City Guide. Its key task is storage and proper presentation and distribution of descriptions, contact details and photographs. Users can fill out forms in all languages supported by Android.


Weather is an application that provides access to the best weather information updated on an ongoing basis, and is supported by the OpenWeatherMap technology, which guarantees presentation of a wide range of weather information in real time. Location search and GPS localisation enable the user to quickly customise the weather forecast to their needs, while wide territorial coverage provides access to appropriate weather information. The application remembers the user's locations, which makes it easy to switch between views of particular places.



Vasco Mini is a small and handy device that provides high quality voice translations. It supports the recognition and translation of spoken text in over 40 languages, as well as clear pronunciation of whole sentences via a voice system.

Vasco Mini features its own, unique hardware, and its software uses traditional, physical buttons in applications.

Vasco Mini uses a specially developed OS based on Android that was developed from scratch by our team.

The software is designed to fit a 2” touch screen, the keyboard is optimized and the physical buttons work without any problem. All of this combines to offer the handiest and smallest translation device on the market.

The product features:
  • a voice translator in 40 languages
  • our own, unique hardware
  • modified OS


Vasco City Guide is an innovative device that provides interactive city guides for many of the world’s major cities. The application has a dedicated launcher, and content can be controlled and edited via a dedicated CMS. The application also displays statistics and provides analysis of how to use the application.

The software also displays dedicated adverts from the content manager that has a 90% match with the customer.

The product features:
  • a dedicated launcher
  • application content fully controlled and edited via a dedicated CMS
  • a system of publishing adverts in the software depending on time, place or activity of the user, as well as the distributor’s choice


Vasco Traveler is a device designed for all kinds of travellers with many useful functions. It has a dedicated launcher and features its own navigation application, as well as applications for local embassies and emergency numbers.

Vasco Traveler uses our specially developed OS based on Android, built around our Vasco Translator application, which allows you to communicate in over 40 languages.

Additional features such as our own GPS navigation that works offline, databases of embassies and guidebooks, and a range of other applications specifically built by our team make up a comprehensive device that works around the world across many situations.

The product features:
  • an electronic voice translator
  • a range of useful travel applications
  • a launcher dedicated to the hardware
  • our own GPS navigation application
  • a range of applications developed by our team


Vasco Navigator is a device that combines GPS navigation with a car and house alarm. The device features GPS navigation for vehicles, a security alarm that can connect to your tablet or mobile phone, and a dashcam.

The product features:
  • a device combining GPS navigation with your car/house alarm
  • a launcher dedicated for use in vehicles while driving
  • GPS navigation for cars and trucks
  • a security alarm connected to devices such as the user’s phone
  • a dashcam to record what’s going on ahead of your vehicle



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