On the basis of the data from the application, users can plan outdoor activities and avoid risks related to weather conditions, such as sudden and heavy rain or snow, extreme temperatures, changes in pressure and fierce wind, etc. The data is shown in an hourly view (every three hours) for a 10-day period, which makes it possible to obtain accurate information about the present and forecasted weather in a particular area. Appropriate presentation of gathered data that enables users to read them easily, is an important function of the application.

Features and functions of the application

  1. comprehensible weather information;
  2. up-to-date weather data for the upcoming 10 days;
  3. hourly view with 3-hour intervals;
  4. location list with the ability to switch between forecasts for different places in the world;
  5. precise localisation using GPS positioning;
  6. wide range of weather information: temperature, clouds, wind force, fall, air humidity, atmospheric pressure;
  7. temperature shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


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